Increasing Ability

Two ways to increasing happiness

There are two ways to increase your happiness. One is to erase from your life those things that bring you down and the other is to increase your ability to handle whatever comes in your way.

Think of a man carrying a heavy load  After a while, it becomes hard for him to carry it much further.  You can help him either by

  1. Taking away some of the weight and lessing his burden, or
  2. You can make him stronger, so strong that it ceases to be an issue, he doesn’t think of the weight he is carrying more than he thinks of his wallet.

The first method gives an instant relief, but keeps the person weak. In a year or two you may find him carrying less than he was originally.  If his livelihood depended on him dealing with loads back and forth you can at once see that the first solution would not be the best on a long run.

If you make him stronger, on the other hand, make a hulk out of him, he will not be bothered with the weight. He would try to carry even more this would work a longer as a solution.

That would be a solution working in the direction of increasing ability.

You can increase your abilities to communicate, to solve problems, to analyze situations quickly, to face your past, deal with the present and plan for the future,  and many, more.

This is done with very exact methods that works every time.

Now, that’s a very bold statement, we know, but you can be bold with something so accurate, so precise and workable.

Regain your ability!

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