Handling Past Events

Dealing with the pain of yesterday

Some events from our past influence us in the present.

  • Losses of loved ones
  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Break-ups

All these leave a mark on our lives.

One of the effects (but unfortunately, not the only effect), is that as a person accumulates those incidents he becomes less and less happy. It is like the force of life is being taken away from him.

Look at children – how much life they possess!  See their happy babyenthusiasm and joy of even the smallest of things.

Now remember the time you went out on a beautiful day, smelled the flowers and enjoyed the sun. It seems that then the colors were brighter, the flowers were prettier and the sun was more pleasant.

What has changed?

What changed was YOU.  The sun is the same sun and the flowers are the same flowers, but the way you were looking at life is not the same. Your zest toward life is not as it was before.

It is like a helium balloon that looses some of its air and is not reaching as high as before. But where did this life force go?  It is trapped in those moments of loss and pain in your mind.  by setting free that life force trapped in those your zest for living will revitalize, The colors of life will brighten, and you will be able to face and deal with the here and now without the burden of yesterday.

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