Marriage Counseling

How do you make love last and stand the test of time?

A relationship can be thrilling, but at the same time can get very heated and stressful. Some find that after few years, the love turns into indifference and even hate.

Does it have to be like that? Not at all!

Remember the happiness you felt when you just started the relationship? Remember the excitement and thrill, waiting for the next time you would meet, speak, or touch each other?

But, as the day turned into months and months into years, that excitement was gone. You still care for your partner, but not as thrilled as you were at the start of the relationship.

Some of us even started to quarrel with the marital partner, to find fault and feel that maybe it would be better to leave and end marriage.

This is so common that everywhere we turn, we see marriages falling apart and married couples getting divorced. Some even think that this is normal and that marriage is an unnatural agreement that man cannot keep.

This is not the case!

But still, what do you do when it is impossible to continue living side by side with that person who you used to love? And what about the kids?

A lot are seeking professional help. But too many have gone to marriage counseling that did not work. Why is that? Because most therapists are trying to cure the symptoms instead of finding the real reasons underlying the condition.

What are those reasons?

  • It is NOT due to financial problems.
  • It is NOT because “he doesn’t help around the house.”
  • It is NOT because “she doesn’t look as attractive as the time we dated.”
  • It is NOT because one of you (or both) “need more space.”
  • It is NOT due to less (or no) sex.

Those are factors, but not the underlying reason.

Contact us today to handle the source of the problem so you can get your relationship sailing again!