Personal Potential Analysis and One-on-One Consultation

One of the most valuable and enlightening services offered at The Success Center is an introductory service where you complete a detailed questionnaire that is then computer analyzed and a trained consultant meets with you individually to review your results with you.

The Oxford Capacity Analysis is the test that is used and examines and reflects your personality traits as well as the capacity of any person with respect to various traits and syndromes. You can see what is the current state of your certainty, responsibility, stability, communication, and more. Are you focused on your targets? Are you withdrawn? Are you happy or depressed? Are you inhibited?

The results are presented on a 10 column graph and evaluation is done in person.

The Evaluations will be given in our office in The Woodlands, Texas and based on the results of your graph, if there are areas of your life that you wish to be more successful, recommendations will be made to assist you in achieving that.

Click here to download your test to print out and complete.

When completed with your test you may scan and email back to or fax to 281-363-3888.  One of our trained consultants will schedule your individual appointment for you at your earliest convenience.


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