Our most frequently asked questions

What kind of people seeks your services?faq

Basically, the people that contact us come from all walks of life. They want to achieve more in life. They are adventurous and bright enough to go on the most fascinating journey – the journey of learning about themselves. Furthermore, they succeed in life but want to succeed even more, knowing their abilities are causing their success.  They demand more from themselves and others than the average man and have high expectations from life. Sometimes, they slump into a bad time and need some professional help, but when they get it they move on and become greater assets to their groups and society.

What is a “Life Repair”?

A Life Repair is a tailor-made program that addresses a specific area in the person’s life which he has his attention fixated on. Upon completing the program the person would feel more alive, happier and causative in the area that was addressed.

Sometimes I behave in a way that I do not like (lose my temper, I self invalidate, make wrong decisions), yet it seems that I cannot control it. I never went to counseling. Can I just change it myself?

There are several factors that can cause a person to behave in a way that is not optimal (let alone rational), and that includes being depressed or having self-doubts. Of the primary ones are:

  • Traumatic incidents either physical or emotional, like losses and break-ups
  • Fixation on wrong solutions that were adopted as stable data for life
  • False perceptions of life and situations
  • Missing knowledge on how to handle life

Those factors are below one’s awareness and sometimes he doesn’t even realize it is wrong, let alone even look for the underlying cause for it. This is the reason you see people carry their flaws all the way to their graves.

Will everything I say remain private?

Yes!  Everything you say is considered private and confidential. Our counselors are held by a stick code of conduct and nothing that you disclose to us, will be used or discussed with anyone.

My teenager is really out of control. Is there anything that can be done about it?

Yes, definitely. We can handle kids and teenagers with great success.

Teenagers are human beings with a lack of life experience and knowledge who need good direction and guidance. They often have wrong ideas about life due to misinformation or fixated ideas, that can manifests in their behavior and decisions. They may turn to wrong or destructive solutions for the lack of anything better.

Punishments and rewards are not workable or practical if the underlying reasons for his/her behavior and actions are not found and handled.

We’re going through a rough time in our marriage and my husband refuses to get any help or counseling. Would it be effective if I come by myself?

While it is best to address the problem as a couple, you can still gain from the counseling by addressing things at your end and therefore getting more in control over the relationship. With your improved ability and increased responsibility and knowledge, you will be able to change things for the better in your marriage.

We even had some cases wherein the spouse who initially rejected any help, requested some counseling when he saw the changes his mate was undergoing, and therefore a standard marriage counseling was done.

How long does the counseling takes and how often should I see the counselor?

It depends on the person since different people have different needs and each case is addressed individually. However, on average it takes from 10-40 hours of counseling for a good satisfactory result.

It is better to have the meetings as intensive as possible for better and faster results.