Life Improvement Courses

What are Life Improvement Courses?

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Life Improvement Courses give you tools for the most vital and sometimes troubling portions of life.

The 20 courses listed here each come with a workbook that contains all required lessons and materials for the course. Each course has been carefully designed to make your study effective and efficient.

They include an abundance of practical tools and assignments that help you learn and understand the principles of each course so you can fully and immediately apply it to your life. Even before you complete the course, you will find yourself using this knowledge intuitively and effortlessly.

Just getting by?  Get the tools you need to live!

Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life
Personal Values and Integrity
How to Improve Relationships With Others
Knowing Who You Can Trust
How to Achieve Self-Confidence

Have a Goal? Here are the tools you need to get it done!

How to Get Motivated
Formulas for Living
Organize for Success
Effective Time Management
Setting and Achieving Your Goals
Tools for Effective Leadership

There is money and then there is Prosperity!

Overcoming Financial Stress
Tools for Financial Security
Principles of Prosperity

Whether starting or saving a relationship, here is what you need!

Creating a Successful Marriage
Maintaining a Happy Marriage
Salvaging a Marriage

What you always wanted your parents to know about Children:

Having a Happy Baby
Successfully Raising Children
Successfully Parenting Tweens & Teens

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